October 22, 2017

8 Tips for Maximum Health

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We have control over our health and well begin overall, not to mention that our choices make a major difference with our body and the way the body reacts. Our life choices dramatically affects our quality of life, and lifespan as well as how we look and feel. Making these good choices lowers risk factors, expanding our life expectancy.

Exercise and Move more- cardio and strength training at least 150 minutes a week will help your overall health. The more you move the better you’ll feel.

Drink, drink, drink- water is the drink of choice for overall wellbeing and a healthy body.

Tobacco free is the way to be- this goes without saying.

Health fats- fish, nuts and healthy oil promotes a healthy heart.

Eat your greens and grains- this provides anti-oxidants and adds the right amount of fiber to your diet, helping you stay full and giving you the inside out glow.

Ex the sugar- we now know that sugar is poison to the body and causes many diseases. Stay away from sugar for good health.

Less is more with salt- consuming less that 2300 mg of sodium daily will help keep blood pressure and swelling down.

Manage stress- studies show that stress is hard on your adrenal glands, in turn making it hard on your bodies overall health. Practice stress management tips with breathing and mindfulness for optimal health benefits.

Photo credit Grafixar