October 22, 2017

Need a Boost of Energy? Try These 6 Plants

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Add a little Feng Shui to your home by using the following plants.

Aloe Vera, brings positive energy, good luck and prosperity. The plan is often said to fade in color once it has absorbed any energy that is less than desirable.

Bamboo, is said to bring prosperity and luck into a home. This has been used this way in Asia for centuries.

Jasmine, considered to be a natural aphrodisiac it is said to bring love and money into the home.

Lavender, helps promote sleep and brings a calming affect. As a happiness promoter this plant calms your mind and wards of depression.

Peppermint, is a communication and energy booster. A fresh peppermint plant is said to bring prosperity and happiness into the home.

Rosemary, is a natural air purifier and memory booster. Bringing healing properties and a happy mood to the area it is in.

Photo credit xandert